DEA Tweet Is Good For Online Head Shops

Famous for the War on Drugs, the DEA is making headlines again now that the country is opening doors (and online head shops) for the legalization of cannabis, a substance which for now remains on par with heroin as a Federally prohibited substance.

Last week, however, the DEA tweeted a chart that referred to the “tobacco model” as a success. What they didn’t know is how significant that one visual would prove to be to those cannabis advocates and MMJ entrepreneurs who are waiting with baited breath to hear that the source of their livelihood will soon be made legal for adults across the board.

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In essence, the chart from the tweet compares the perceptions of tobacco use to that of marijuana use among teens. And it seems to make the case that rising perception of harm correlates with the falling usage rates. As of November 8th, twenty-nine states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, and in some cases for recreational use. There is no identifiable connection between legalization and increased use by teenagers.


To reiterate, tobacco, a substance that is sold legally although the general public now more widely accepts the dangers of smoking tobacco. Marijuana remains an illegal substance, at least on a Federal level, even though the perception of harm is steadily decreasing.

In the DEA’s interpretation, the chart shows a correlation between the perceptions of risk for each drug and the number of users from 1975-2013. Unfortunately, the research does not demonstrate more recent statistics, but we suspect that the second chart showing marijuana would have the two lines—one showing the perceived risk of harm and the second showing the past-year use of marijuana—would be on the verge of converging into each other. Or, maybe they’ve already intersected. On the tobacco side of the chart, it shows that as the perceived risk of smoking rose, its use among 12th graders dropped.

Another interpretation of the tweet argues against the DEA’s persistence to keep weed illegal and crack down further on it in states where it remains illegal. Mostly, they left themselves open to significant speculation with just a single tweet, and interested parties have been having a field day, not to mention those owners of online head shops who have been waiting for the day when they can offer herb alongside their vaporizers, bongs and rolling papers.

Tobacco has been legal for far longer than the time covered by the chart (1973 – 2013), yet due to anti-smoking policies, educational campaigns, and high taxes on cigarettes, the popularity has decreased while awareness of how dangerous smoking is has gone way up.

Meanwhile, weed is still illegal under federal law, and according to the DEA’s chart, pot use persists at nearly the same level no matter how risky it is perceived to be—now that it’s considered “safe” that doesn’t mean more teens unique are running out to try it. Scientific American backs this with their biannual poll by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, which showed the percentage of high school students who smoke pot in Colorado is smaller than the national average. Go figure!


So, thanks to the DEA’s chart, we now see that the legal model works nicely.

Tobacco: Legal. Perceived as dangerous; dropping in use.

Marijuana: Illegal. Not perceived as dangerous; increasing in use.

Medicinal marijuana is hard to come by

You are not the only one who wants to open a Denver dispensary. I also would like to work with people who want to open these dispensaries. I mean, what if there was something like a Starbucks of dispensaries and you are sure that every time you go to this place that you get the best pot that you can get and it will taste the same just about every single time. I think that I am thinking about this more seriously and I think that this is something that I really want to know more about.

I also think that there are a lot of people out there who are focused on thinking that this is a really good idea. Personally, there are a lot of ways that this is going to make sense for all the people involved. But you are certainly not the person who is going to benefit the most from this. Because I am investing in this, I will inevitably have the largest pay off and I will then want to invest in other things with you. I do not want to be known as a drug lord in our town, but I do want to make more money if possible. I had lunch today with the person that I used to work with and I learned a bunch about her life and certainly much more than I ever thought I would know or want to know about her life. Medical marijuana is a big part of that.


THC testing will improve.

I know that this is a very similar title to my most recent article, but I do think that the same thing applies.  As we get to know more and more about weed, we will start figuring out just how much is too much for someone to be driving.  I look forward to actually having that written down because I think that it is imperative for drivers and users to know what the regulations are.  It is very difficult to follow the rules when the rules are not easily discernible.  For example, I know that I should cross all streets at the crosswalk.

However, if jaywalking was something that was actually enforced and it only applied to some streets, it would be much more difficult for you to operate.  It would lead to an increased number of tickets for jaywalking and that does not help anyone out.  I would say that the same thing goes for drivers that use marijuana.  They have no idea what it means to have five nanograms of weeks in their blood.  It is a meaningless metric.  That is why we need to develop a tool like, THC testing, so that we can give an accurate measurement to the drivers that are using THC and driving afterward.  I know that people are going to do it, so it is the turn of the marijuana testing companies to step up and develop some regulatory tools for people to use.  It makes it much more fair for those individuals if those tools are available.

Cannabis science is gaining more knowledge.

Cannabis science is rapidly improving as legalization of the substance becomes more and more likely in different states.  I know that there is already a lot of information about weed and the effects of weed on the human body, but I think that it is important to also include some more long term studies in the body of research.  Obviously, there are so inherent difficulties in developing long term studies and just inserting them into the body of knowledge that is reference for the making of decisions.  Nonetheless, I think that it is vital that we determine some sort of way to suggest just how weed and the long term smoking and consuming of weed affects people.  I would be surprised if there were any long term really negative consequences, but that is not to say there are no possibilities of this happening.

I really do hope that they develop more and better ways of making sure that as a result of legalization our schools benefit.  I realize that that sentence was absolutely a horrible one.  And so was that.  Please work with me as I struggle to write and bust out all of these different blog posts.  Nonetheless, I am currently writing about the need for the development of tools and devices to monitor and test the level of THC in someone’s blood.  Right now, the limit is five nano grams per liter of blood, but that is not really a useful guide for how high or impaired someone is.

cbd test lab

I like this dispensary a lot

Maybe you are over thinking all this hype about possibly needing to scale back on the amount of time you are spending on the dispensary. I understand that all your money is going into this sort of thing and that literally all you want to do is to be a part of this, but you need to really think about the fact that you are probably going to be doing this sort of thing a lot from now on because you are really pretty good at it. You have some sort of knack for opening stores that sell marijuana and I think that this is really a good thing.

You also love to indulge in the recreational and medicinal use of this drug. I applaud you for this. I would one day like to have the ability to think more clearly and to be able to think aloud when this sort of thing comes up. I know that there are a lot of people out there who are also in this same boat and they are thinking about the possibility of starting their own business. My personal thoughts on this are pretty clear: I do not think that you are supposed to do something like this unless it feels right. I have literally no prospects in the direction of rightness. I do not feel like everything is right at the moment. I feel like things are very out of balance and that nothing is really making any sense to me at the moment. But additionally, there is only going to be a few ways that this is going to work for me and the dispensaries.

Recreational marijuana store deals

I don’t understand why the local community is upset about my business. I am just taking advantage of the market and the demand for my product. What is wrong with that? I just don’t see why people assume that I am running an illegal operation. I went to business school and I earned my MBA. I fully understand the importance of supplying a product that has a huge demand. So, why is it a problem for people to understand that I’m just providing a product that has a huge demand. As the owner of a recreational marijuana store, I get a lot of heat from the local neighbors. But, I don’t think that they realize that I conduct a lot of research whenever I open up a store. I research the areas wherein there is already a huge demand for marijuana so it isn’t like I’m bringing the market and consumers to their neighborhoods.

I got a lot of heat from the community when I started to give out recreational marijuana coupons on my company’s website. I don’t know why they got so upset. I was honestly just trying to give my loyal customers some weed coupons. I am not particularly promoting the use of marijuana in the neighborhood (because I personally do not consume it) but I just think that it is a great market to tap into, especially now that it is a legal business. I think my only concern is that when I have these weed coupons for people that I have to accept payment in the form of cash, and that makes me a little wary. Other than that, business is booming.

Our store promotes weed coupons

I truly believe that the United States government should ban the use of drugs including marijuana. Yes, federally, marijuana is illegal, but some states are adopting it as a legal substance. I just find that confusing because what happens when you step out of that state’s boundaries and you are used to living a certain lifestyle. I just don’t think it is a smart idea for different states to have different rules and regulations in terms of drug use. I mean, there is a legal limit for alcohol consumption, right? Then why isn’t there a legal limit for drug consumption? I just don’t quiet understand the importance of promoting the consumption of marijuana when it is federally illegal.

I just don’t understand why it is okay for some storekeepers to be able to promote cannabis coupons in their storefronts. It is still federally illegal to consume marijuana. I just don’t like the idea of my kids walking around town and seeing these “amazing” deals on weed coupons. It just worries me that they are going to see the availability of weed and start using it. I just don’t like the idea of my kids being exposed to that type of environment. Similarly, since the use of marijuana is federally illegal, I don’t want my kids to think that it is okay to try it. Heck, what if they wanted to work in the federal government; they wouldn’t be able to if they have had an illegal substance in their system. It is just stressful, and I’d rather not have to worry about which drugs are legal: they should all be banned.

Recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado.

As of last November, recreational marijuana has been legal in the state of Colorado.  Colorado is one of two states in which people can freely smoke weed in their own homes.  It is a really cool law and little has changed since the law was put into effect.  I think that many people worried that there would be a lot of weed tourism and although it is very early there has so far been little to notice.  I actually think that the big test will be in January when many of the medicinal weed shops will be able to sell weed to anyone over the age of 21.  That will be a big boost for tourism and for schools.  Many of the taxes that are associated with these new developments in weed will go to new schools and road construction.

It will be a big boost for the sectors and especially schools which have had so much taken out of them over the past twenty years.  It is a really cool opportunity for these principals to boost their coffers and find newer and better ways to help educate their students.  I am really excited to see what kind of innovations will come out of the taxes that are derived from the selling and buying of weed in the open marketplace.  It should be really interesting and I am interested to see what comes of it.  I do not know how the recreational marijuana coupons that will be produced will affect things, but it should be a really interesting experiment.

Recreational marijuana coupons should be perforated.

I can think of nothing better for some of the stoner friends of mine than opening up a paper that they found somewhere (can you go and buy a paper anywhere anymore, I have no idea?!?!) and open it up only to find some pre-perforated recreational marijuana coupons and deals.  That would probably be the greatest day ever for some of them.  This would be doubly so if they had recently run out of weed.  It would be a disaster and then turn into one of the greatest days ever.  I may be exaggerating, but maybe not if the coupons also included free pints of ice cream and maybe some Doritos.  Sounds like a lot of fun to me.

Of course right now it doesn’t.  I feel like I am kind of getting sick and that is something that I definitely can’t afford to be right now. It would put a big damper on my entire weekend.  Anyway, right now I really just have to slug through these articles and get on to the other side so that I can actually do some real work tomorrow.  I am already planning on taking lunch to go and check out some medicinal weed shops, so hopefully I feel good enough to go out there and do that.  I really do not want to be cooped up in my office feeling bad the whole day.  Nonetheless, I will hopefully feel better if I find a good dispensary with some cannabis coupons that make my purchases cheaper.

Cannabis coupons have a big market.

It is pretty interesting to think about all of the people that are now utilizing black market channels to get their weed and will soon be able to simply go to the store to buy some.  It is remarkable to think about how far the topic of cannabis has come and who are the people that are going to benefit at the end of the day.  It is a really interesting piece of legislation that the people of Colorado voted on and I am really impressed with how everyone has chosen to band together to talk about the issue instead of just dismissing it out of hand.  The other good thing is that it is going to bring this entire industry that has been thriving in the dark into the light.

All of the sudden you are going to have the millions of dollars that changed hands in an illegal and secret way brought out into the open in a way that can benefit an entire community.  It is a really cool idea when you think about it and I am happy to say that Colorado was one of two states to legalize weed this year.  There is of course Washington, but I think that they are doing it on a smaller scale and will not have cannabis coupons and recreational marijuana coupons available for the mass market that is gong to want to go out and buy weed on the very first day that it is going to be legally available.

weed coupons and deals