Cannabis coupons have a big market.

It is pretty interesting to think about all of the people that are now utilizing black market channels to get their weed and will soon be able to simply go to the store to buy some.  It is remarkable to think about how far the topic of cannabis has come and who are the people that are going to benefit at the end of the day.  It is a really interesting piece of legislation that the people of Colorado voted on and I am really impressed with how everyone has chosen to band together to talk about the issue instead of just dismissing it out of hand.  The other good thing is that it is going to bring this entire industry that has been thriving in the dark into the light.

All of the sudden you are going to have the millions of dollars that changed hands in an illegal and secret way brought out into the open in a way that can benefit an entire community.  It is a really cool idea when you think about it and I am happy to say that Colorado was one of two states to legalize weed this year.  There is of course Washington, but I think that they are doing it on a smaller scale and will not have cannabis coupons and recreational marijuana coupons available for the mass market that is gong to want to go out and buy weed on the very first day that it is going to be legally available.

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