Cannabis science is gaining more knowledge.

Cannabis science is rapidly improving as legalization of the substance becomes more and more likely in different states.  I know that there is already a lot of information about weed and the effects of weed on the human body, but I think that it is important to also include some more long term studies in the body of research.  Obviously, there are so inherent difficulties in developing long term studies and just inserting them into the body of knowledge that is reference for the making of decisions.  Nonetheless, I think that it is vital that we determine some sort of way to suggest just how weed and the long term smoking and consuming of weed affects people.  I would be surprised if there were any long term really negative consequences, but that is not to say there are no possibilities of this happening.

I really do hope that they develop more and better ways of making sure that as a result of legalization our schools benefit.  I realize that that sentence was absolutely a horrible one.  And so was that.  Please work with me as I struggle to write and bust out all of these different blog posts.  Nonetheless, I am currently writing about the need for the development of tools and devices to monitor and test the level of THC in someone’s blood.  Right now, the limit is five nano grams per liter of blood, but that is not really a useful guide for how high or impaired someone is.

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