Interesting Times In The Medicinal Marijuana Era

These were certainly some interesting times, I looked around and saw nothing but change going on around me. I grew up in a Denver area suburb and eventually moved into the city  when I was older. I lived off of Santa Fe Drive, on the back-end of the historic Baker neighborhood and at the lower end of the expanding Art District. The light rail and interstate were both less than a half mile away so the area was also considered very industrial. Directly across the street from me was a sand, dirt and gravel distribution plant, I lived in a warehouse that I out-fitted for dual work/live purposes.

I worked from home and began to notice a familiar smell emanating from the adjacent unit. I thought I smelled it vaguely several months earlier but this time it was unmistakable. Colorado had legalized medicinal marijuana medical marijuanaand I lived in a warehouse unit so this didn’t surprise me. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if more units in this old building were growing as well because we were in an area that was actually zoned for marijuana cultivation. I knew that the neighbor owned a dispensary but I didn’t know he grew at home, maybe he didn’t even live there. I decided to look out for him and try to catch him when he was on his way in or out, it smelled like flower time and I wanted to see if he needed any help trimming. I was hurting for cash and I felt good enough about our relationship that I felt comfortable asking if he needed help.