I like this dispensary a lot

Maybe you are over thinking all this hype about possibly needing to scale back on the amount of time you are spending on the dispensary. I understand that all your money is going into this sort of thing and that literally all you want to do is to be a part of this, but you need to really think about the fact that you are probably going to be doing this sort of thing a lot from now on because you are really pretty good at it. You have some sort of knack for opening stores that sell marijuana and I think that this is really a good thing.

You also love to indulge in the recreational and medicinal use of this drug. I applaud you for this. I would one day like to have the ability to think more clearly and to be able to think aloud when this sort of thing comes up. I know that there are a lot of people out there who are also in this same boat and they are thinking about the possibility of starting their own business. My personal thoughts on this are pretty clear: I do not think that you are supposed to do something like this unless it feels right. I have literally no prospects in the direction of rightness. I do not feel like everything is right at the moment. I feel like things are very out of balance and that nothing is really making any sense to me at the moment. But additionally, there is only going to be a few ways that this is going to work for me and the dispensaries.

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