Recreational marijuana coupons should be perforated.

I can think of nothing better for some of the stoner friends of mine than opening up a paper that they found somewhere (can you go and buy a paper anywhere anymore, I have no idea?!?!) and open it up only to find some pre-perforated recreational marijuana coupons and deals.  That would probably be the greatest day ever for some of them.  This would be doubly so if they had recently run out of weed.  It would be a disaster and then turn into one of the greatest days ever.  I may be exaggerating, but maybe not if the coupons also included free pints of ice cream and maybe some Doritos.  Sounds like a lot of fun to me.

Of course right now it doesn’t.  I feel like I am kind of getting sick and that is something that I definitely can’t afford to be right now. It would put a big damper on my entire weekend.  Anyway, right now I really just have to slug through these articles and get on to the other side so that I can actually do some real work tomorrow.  I am already planning on taking lunch to go and check out some medicinal weed shops, so hopefully I feel good enough to go out there and do that.  I really do not want to be cooped up in my office feeling bad the whole day.  Nonetheless, I will hopefully feel better if I find a good dispensary with some cannabis coupons that make my purchases cheaper.

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