Recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado.

As of last November, recreational marijuana has been legal in the state of Colorado.  Colorado is one of two states in which people can freely smoke weed in their own homes.  It is a really cool law and little has changed since the law was put into effect.  I think that many people worried that there would be a lot of weed tourism and although it is very early there has so far been little to notice.  I actually think that the big test will be in January when many of the medicinal weed shops will be able to sell weed to anyone over the age of 21.  That will be a big boost for tourism and for schools.  Many of the taxes that are associated with these new developments in weed will go to new schools and road construction.

It will be a big boost for the sectors and especially schools which have had so much taken out of them over the past twenty years.  It is a really cool opportunity for these principals to boost their coffers and find newer and better ways to help educate their students.  I am really excited to see what kind of innovations will come out of the taxes that are derived from the selling and buying of weed in the open marketplace.  It should be really interesting and I am interested to see what comes of it.  I do not know how the recreational marijuana coupons that will be produced will affect things, but it should be a really interesting experiment.

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