Recreational marijuana store deals

I don’t understand why the local community is upset about my business. I am just taking advantage of the market and the demand for my product. What is wrong with that? I just don’t see why people assume that I am running an illegal operation. I went to business school and I earned my MBA. I fully understand the importance of supplying a product that has a huge demand. So, why is it a problem for people to understand that I’m just providing a product that has a huge demand. As the owner of a recreational marijuana store, I get a lot of heat from the local neighbors. But, I don’t think that they realize that I conduct a lot of research whenever I open up a store. I research the areas wherein there is already a huge demand for marijuana so it isn’t like I’m bringing the market and consumers to their neighborhoods.

I got a lot of heat from the community when I started to give out recreational marijuana coupons on my company’s website. I don’t know why they got so upset. I was honestly just trying to give my loyal customers some weed coupons. I am not particularly promoting the use of marijuana in the neighborhood (because I personally do not consume it) but I just think that it is a great market to tap into, especially now that it is a legal business. I think my only concern is that when I have these weed coupons for people that I have to accept payment in the form of cash, and that makes me a little wary. Other than that, business is booming.

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